Short Ribs in Sauce

Cooking Time: 2 hours


 3 lbs. short ribs

1 onion quartered

1 t.  salt

1/4 t.  black pepper

1 t.  dry mustard

1 T.  flour

2 T.  vinegar

3 T.  fat

2 T. lemon juice

1/4 t.  grated lemon rind

1 bay   leaf

1/2 cup brown sugar

1/2 cup raisins

1 1/2 cup water or red wine



 Cut ribs apart. Brown ribs, pour off all but 3 T. fat. Add salt and

pepper, onion. Combine remaining ingregients in sauce pan, bring to a

boil. Pour over ribs—-cover and cook slowly for 2 hours in a 325 to

350 degree oven.



Cube Steak Sandwich



1 large onion, sliced

 bell pepper, sliced


 cube steak, 2 to 3 lbs sliced thin

 worchester sauce

 garlic powder

 lemon pepper, black pepper, mrs. dash

 tabasco sauce

 deli  rolls



 In a skillet (I use cast iron) melt 1/4 stick butter over med. heat;

add onion and bell pepper and cook over med. to low  heat, stirring

occasionally until soft and light brown; remove and set aside.

Season the thinly sliced cube steak with garlic powder, Mrs. Dash,

lemon pepper and black pepper or season to your taste.

Add 2 T. butter to the same skillet in which you cooked the onion and

peppers. Turn the heat to high and let the butter begin to turn brown,

about 2 min. Skillet needs to be hot!

Add enough meat to the hot skillet to form a single layer. DO NOT

STIR. Let it sit for about 1 min. or until one side is brown. Then

flip the meat with a spatula, cook for another min.; remove to a

plate. Repeat until all the meat is cooked.

Return all the meat, onion and peppers to the skillet. Add some

Worchester sauce, several dashes ofTabasco(to taste) and an

additional 2 T. butter. Simmer for about 5 min. or until thoroughly

warm. Cut rolls in half; spread generously with butter; then brown on a

griddle or skillet. Place rolls face up on a plate, then place the meat mixture on the

bottom half; spoon some of the pan juices over the top and sprinkle

with mozzarella cheese. Add top. If desired, toast sandwich in skillet

add another heavy skillet on top to flatten.



Beef Brisket




3 onions, sliced

 cooking wine



 Season brisket with salt and pepper (or any seasonings you prefer).

Brown in a large pot on all sides. Remove and set aside; put onions in

pot and then place brisket on top of onions, pour in a small amount of

cooking wine to cover bottom of pot. Cover and bake in a slow oven (

325 degrees) for 2 hours or until done.

Let cool and refrigerate over night. The next day remove the fat from

the top of brisket. Make your favorite Bar-B-Q sauce. Pour sauce over

thinly sliced brisket, warm and enjoy!